Croc Necklace N°1

18kt White Gold


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KUCK celebrates a revival with Kieselstein-Cord and republishes one of his most successful collections, the iconic crocodile line from the 80s.With its unusual designs, the New Yorker creates a smooth transition between jewelry and fine art. 

The exclusive piece of this cooperation is the new crocodile pendant crafted from 18ct white gold. The new form of the pendant is worn on a necklace made of Artsteel. The detalied surface structure gives the crocodile an authentic character. A daily companion – a true favorite piece.

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  • Pendant 18ct white gold
  • Necklace Artsteel / Length:  50cm
  • Barry Kieselstein-Cord est. 1972
  • Individually handcrafted in Kieselstein-Cord’s studio in New York, USA

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Barry Kieselstein-Cord: I’ll keep the beginning of my relationship to crocodiles for now, so let’s just say that at some point in my childhood my parents bought me a baby Crocodile. This might seem unusual nowadays, but it just wasn’t out of picture when I was little. So, I raised it and eventually it grew large enough to bring down to Florida and let loose in the famous Everglades Preserve.

Years later when I went into my business I was looking for a natural animal motif to represent my business, but something really unique that I could render in 3-dimensional relief. As playing around with ideas, my childhood memory about my very own baby Crocodile popped into my head and that was that.

To bring my Crocodile concept to life I worked with one of my highly talented craftsmen to bring it to alive. This gentleman was a former Peruvian fisherman who used to watch the Crocodiles swim around his fishing nets while he spent hours casing for fish. It has taken years to build out this collection. As for me, it’s timeless and ageless. I’m very honored that those pieces are loved by so many collectors and are part of various permanent exhibitions, among others the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in NYC and the Louvre in Paris.