In our studio, new inspirations and designs are brought to life. In cooperation with traditional German manufactures from the Goldstadt Pforzheim every single piece of jewelry from KUCK is handmade with the utmost care. 

A century-long German Goldsmith tradition is the basis of all high jewelry art and thus, an essential component of our company.

Starting from a 999,9 Gold Bar, the goldsmith works with surgical precision in the form of casting, soldering, filing and polishing every gem. From the beginning to the end, the creation of every piece of jewelry is the expression of a sensual creativity process. KUCK applies the work-intensive antique process of lost wax for the jewelry’s gold molds which dates back to 3500 B.C..

In this way one can achieve particularly well free flowing forms and soft lines of jewelry pieces. In particular, KUCK perfected the challenging workmanship of pure gold utilizing this particular  process.

Each piece of jewelry begins its life as a hand-modeled design. This is usually shaped by the designer using clay or wax.

This is the origin of a first mold in the goldsmithing which is used to cast a first model of raw material. From this point onward a wax model is again taken in that it is injected into a rubber impression of the original model. The wax molds are subsequently attached to a tree-like structure and placed in a so-called cuvette, a type of metal cylinder. Subsequently, this is poured with plaster. The gypsum cures slowly and the wax can be melted out. The entire procedure lasts about 18 hours.

Finally, the gold is poured into the several hundred-degree hot cuvette and fills the void spaces in which the wax lay before. This produces a copy of the tree in gold, which originally consisted of wax. The resulting pieces are separated by hand and are ready to be finalized on at the workbench.

Skillfully, the goldsmith begins to work on the cast pieces to remove all the uncleanities that have arisen during the melting process. Depending on the piece of jewelry, eyelets are made or precious stones are insert. Finally, the piece of jewelry is cleaned and given a mat finish to. With this craftsmanship and the use of pure gold, the flattering, warm gold tone which makes every gem a timeless creation is the result of a goldsmith’s work at KUCK.

Our jewelry is made exclusively from fair-traded and certified gold.

In order to meet our social responsibility and the protection of the environment, we purchase gold exclusively from gold suppliers who are certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). The gold used is thus demonstrable not from the conflict regions of the world.