Kieselstein-Cord NYC

A Moment with two artists Barry Kieselstein-Cord and Andy Warhol.

A homage towards the extraordinary designs, Warhol said, "I Collect Kieselstein-Cord as art work, I display in my home".

The Artist Collection starts with the internationally renowned artist Barry Kieselstein-Cord in a joint cooperation with KUCK.

KUCK x Barry Kieselstein-Cord BANGLE big n°1-lightgreen

KUCK celebrates the revival of one of the most successful collections by Barry Kieselstein-Cord, the iconic crocodile series from the 80s.

With his extraordinary designs, the New York artist creates a flowing transition between jewelry and fine art. The sculptural aspect accompanies him as a recurring element.

Right from the start, his designs have become collectibles. His works of art are not only celebrated in exhibitions at the Louvre in Paris or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, but also have a diverse and exclusive community of enthusiasts. The entire crocodile collection has written an extraordinary success story since its creation.

Craftsmanship par excellence - every piece of jewelry is unique and is handcrafted in the Kieselstein-Cord atelier in New York.