Gold and sustainability are two topics that can be combined perfectly. The latter is not a trend but a matter of course when talking about KUCK’s philosophy. We’re making a positive contribution to environmental protection and, at this point, to education when taking a look at sustainability. On the one hand, we would like to elaborate on this particular topic in greater  detail and, on the other hand, we would like to highlight some facts to generate a better understanding of the word ‘fine gold’

In our goldsmith new inspirations and designs are brought to life. A centuries-long German manufactory tradition is the basis of all high jewelery and thus an essential part of KUCK. In cooperation with traditional German manufactories from the ‘gold town’ of Pforzheim, artisanal luxury products are created. Our jewelry is made exclusively from fair-traded and certified gold. To live up to our social responsibility and protect the environment, we source our gold exclusively from gold suppliers who are certified members of the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC). The gold used is thus demonstrably not from conflict regions of the world.

 At KUCK the ominous number 999.9 keeps appearing – fine gold is what is known as pure gold. The purity of the gold is 999.9 out of 1,000 possible shares or even 99.99%. It is one of the purest and most valuable fine metals. Historically, the purity of gold is also given in carats (‘k’ / ‘kt’). The name 24kt is the name of fine gold with a fineness of 99.99%. A special side effect: the gold flatters in a really warm color. In comparison, jewelry made of 18kt gold only consists of only 75% gold. The remaining 25% are other foreign metals.

The amount of gold used in every single piece of jewelry revealed by the stamp. Jewelry is coined in with this particular information. Here, the gold content is not given in carats, but converted to the metric system in per thousand. So the number 999 stands for 24 karat gold. At KUCK, the goldsmith expertly crafts every gem with surgical precision in the form of casting, soldering, filing, gripping and polishing. The starting precious metal is a 999 gold ingot. Pure gold in 24 carat is often said to be too soft to make a timeless and dimensionally resistant piece of jewelry. KUCK shows that it can be achieved with the perfect design and outstanding goldsmithing art.